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Important Dates

Round 1

Submission Deadline: 

November 14, 2019

Registration Deadline: 

November 20, 2019

Round 2

Submission Deadline: 

December 30, 2019

Registration Deadline: 

January 5, 2020

Round 3

Submission Deadline: 

February 14, 2020

Registration Deadline: 

February 20, 2020

Conference Date

February 21-22, 2020

Call for papers
Topics include but are not limited to

Material physics and chemistry
Material physics
Material chemistry
Materials science
Material mechanics
Materials engineering
Material processing engineering
Materials science and engineering
Inorganic chemistry
Organic chemistry
Physical chemistry
Analytical chemistry
Solid state physics
Mechanical properties of engineering materials
Modern materials research technology
Quantum and statistical mechanics
Modern material testing method
Material technology and equipment
Heat treatment of steel
Material chemistry
Metallurgical engineering
Metal material engineering
Inorganic non-metal material engineering
Polymer material and engineering
Composite materials and engineering
Welding technology and engineering
Gem and material technology
Powder engineering
Renewable resources science and technology
Rare earth engineering
Nonwovens and engineering
Other related topics

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